Here to help with all your packaging needs!

Here to help with all your packaging needs!

Compostability Leader.

ACL is helping to drive the push for compostable alternatives to plastics by engaging all throughout the supply chain: from film manufacturers to waste disposal outfits, even to federal levels of government. 


Packaging solutions.

Despite focusing on unprinted films, we have the knowledge and the contacts to help you design the perfect packaging as a result of decades of market experience,

Family owned.

A niche family owned operator with a background working for large multinationals, we understand businesses big and small and are able to cater for both.


Service focused.

 We’re just as happy to supply 200kgs as we are full container quantities and where we can, offer incredibly quick turn around times.

Compostable Products

Compostable films from local and overseas suppliers. Certified to international standards. Click here for more info or contact us for a price.


We can supply BOPP, Cello, PET, PVC, paper and other packaging films slit to the width you require. Contact us for a price or find out more here.


Slitting, Sheeting, Diecutting and Guillotining.
ACL offers a wide range of contract cutting services for the flexible packaging and gift wrap industries. Click here for more info.

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We essentially offer our many cutting services to businesses who need fast turn-around times. We also sell specialty products to the packaging and hairdressing industries. Contact us here.

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