Here at ACL Films we offer decades of market knowledge and commercial application for packaging films. We are always on the search for new films to add to our range, which you can find below. Alternatively, if you are after compostable films, you can find those here.

BOPP – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene


  • Suitable for both heat sealable and applied cold seal measures
  • Range includes white, metallised and antifog variants
  • Offers high seal strength and a wide seal range
  • Accepted with Coles Redcycle streams
  • Useful for food packaging, labels and board lamination



  • Suitable for heat sealable applications
  • Cellulose based material
  • Range includes white and metallised variants
  • High barrier properties and useful as an intermediate barrier
  • Not suitable for Coles Redcycle stream
  • Suitable for food packaging and twist wrap applications

CPP – Cast polypropylene 


  • Heat sealable with a high seal strength
  • A coated film that we can offer as metallised or transparent
  • Retort and semi-retort characteristics available
  • Suitable for food packaging

PET – polyester


  • Heat sealable
  • Can offer metallised and matte variants
  • Corona treated
  • Chemically treated
  • Great alternative to PVC



  • A clear film, that can be used for window patching and as an acetate for baked goods
  • If looking at PVC, PET offers similar characteristics for the same price

Tissue & other papers


  • A wide range of assorted colours
  • Useful for fruit tissue, baking papers, greaseproof papers
  • Able to offer siliconised papers

Specialty films


  • We might not currently have it in stock but if you are after something in particular, please get in touch. We have a number of suppliers offering specific use films that we might not hold on the floor but can certainly arrange for you.

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